Power Sander Safety

If not handled properly the Mekita fiber this sander can be the most dangerous tool we have in our arsenal.   The Makita 5 in. Disc Sander has a powerful 4.2 Amp motor that deliver speeds up to 4,500 RPM .  the fiber disks we use with this machine are manufactured to grind wood and metal.

As the image below shows, this spinning disk comes very close to your hand.  Also when sending a deck, the spinning disk comes very close to your legs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 5.15.19 PM

 Please observe the following when operating the Mekita fiber disk sander:

  • Wear gloves, masks and eye protection
  • Never lock the trigger when operating sander on a ladder
  • Keep sander away from your body at all times
  • Do not walk with the sander when trigger is engaged
  • Stop use immediately if power cord is  damaged
  • Before using sander, always hammer down any nails


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