What to expect when your home is being pressure washed

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Will water enter your house?

After washing the exterior, you doors and windows will be rinsed from a safe distance.

Improperly sealed windows and doors may leak.  We recommend you check all doors and windows and wipe any water that may have entered the house.


pressure washing extension wandPressure washing is an important step of our exterior painting process.  This article will identify reasons for washing, as well as some details about our methods.


Why we wash the exterior

Number one reason for washing the exterior is to remove pollution buildup.  If not removed, this build up mixes into the paint and alters its formula.

We also wash to remove any dust, spider webs, wasp nests, mildew, etc.





cleaning free off siding

This image shows an area where TSP or other house cleaning chemicals are necessary. Although manufacturers claim these products are biodegradable, if there is no visible mildew, algae, etc., we avoid adding any chemicals to your soil and simply use high power pressure washers to clean surfaces.

Do we use chemicals?

In case of any visible mildew, we use a biodegradable exterior bleach solution prior to power washing.


Please also see:  What is NOT power-washed 

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