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Mercer Island Painters

Coats of Color: Mercer Island Painters


There’s no question about it that people take pride in their homes. Living spaces are not just for laying one’s head down to sleep or storing personal belongings. They are the resident’s safe havens and the place they can relax enough to show their true selves around those they love. The personal appearance of their home reflect his or her tastes and sense of style. So, why not make its paint job look its best if the owner has a say in the matter? Customers looking for Mercer Island painters to elevate the color for their home should consider Elegant Painting.

Mercer island painters

When it comes to painting the inside of the house, Elegant painters take careful consideration of protecting everything. Windows, flooring, and furniture are masked off with protective plastic. Other items including power outlets, drapes, and blinds are removed and stored out of the way to somewhere that’s safe. Once covering has been addressed, Elegant Painting prepares surfaces by repairing drywall, dents, and nail holes. That’s a whole bunch of services in one! For the smoothest texture and finish, two coats of paint are brushed and rolled to the walls and ceilings. The perfect, final appearance is acquired with spray to the doors and window trims.

The outside is just as important to look as beautiful as the inside. Elegant Painters take every step to accomplish this. They wash away the debris and dirt away, a month ahead of painting. Plants are pruned away from the house and covered so the gardening is not damaged. All old paint is peeled away first to keep the texture and the new paint layer in check. Following this all up is applying an oil based primer to the give the house the best, long lasting color. Another service is carried out by caulking all corners, edges, and under edges before the paint is rolled and back rolled on the outside. Whether its walls, windows, doors, removing old paint, or preserving the plant life, the interior will be complimented by the exterior of the house.

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There’s nothing like stepping out on a perfectly furbished deck to enjoy your own yard, whether its for picnics, sun bathing, or enjoying the scenic view year around. What doesn’t add up to being as great as it could be include dull finishing, dry rot, or mold buildup. Elegant Painters get rid of mildew, algae, or any less than perfect sheen to make the deck look brighter, cleaner, and longer lasting. Their finishing product is activated in only five minutes so it can be quickly followed up by a ready to sand surface. As for sanding, all splinters and open pores found in cedar boards are smoothed to create a more pleasant texture. So, there’s less to worry about damage caused by pressure or water damage. All of this followed up by two coats of cedar tone stain, only minutes apart. Two coats of cedar tone stain are applied, only minutes apart, to give it th

at stain free, glossy effect. This allows the deck to stay stain free and sturdy for up to fifteen years.
Elegant Painting works within the eastern Washington area. This includes Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Sammamish, Mercer Island, Medina, and Clyde Hill. They can be reached by phone or email and they’re office hours are from seven AM to to six PM, Monday through Friday. Sunday, they are closed but are open on Saturday, from seven AM to one PM.
But how are they any different than every other house renovating contractor? Why should anyone be risking his or her time with them? Well, if one doesn’t want hidden fees or the job being passed to subtract painters, then this is the painting company to invest in. Transforming one’s home shouldn’t be a big hassle but cater to the customer’s wants and vision of their awaiting home. With a ten year long experience and a five star rating from the majority of customers, make Elegant Painters an excellent choice for paint and deck jobs. The first step into making a simple living space into a place of living is only one email or phone call away, whether its the customer’s first house or a home for retirement.


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