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There has been a mistake!  We wanted our walls the same color as our ceilings!

We hear this comment from our clients often.  Here are some photos to show how lighting – and especially light direction – affect the way your eyes perceive the color.

If your kitchen was built in the 80’s there’s a good chance that your cabinets are made of oak and finished with “honey oak” or similar color.  Here is a list of our customers favorite gray interior paint colors that work well with honey oak or similar cabinet colors.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray sw-7016

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray sw-7016

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray sw-7016

mindful gray

Sherwin Williams DoveTail SW-7018

gray oak cabinet


Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Duration:  We sprayed inside the kitchen for 2.5 days, rest of the work was done in our shop.  Rephrase:  2.5 days without a kitchen + 4 days without cabinet doors, but fully functional kitchen.

This door is only 5 years old!

Paint failure is most likely caused by the lacquer factory finish. Lacquer is used to produce a glass-smooth finish which looks incredible but does not like moisture.  Visible failure began within 3 years especially in areas near the sink and dishwasher.  Why our finish is better than factory-finish: We avoid this problem by using oil modified hybrid paints that can withstand moisture.  

priming cabinet doors