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5 paint colors that will sell your house

1) Gauntlet Gray

One of our most popular colors of all time is the  Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

sw 7019 paint color

Click here to see more photos of this very popular paint color. 


2) Dovetail

A lighter version of Gauntlet is another very popular exterior paint color

dovetail 7018 scheme

Click here to see more photos of Dovetail SW-7019


3) Requisite Gray SW7023

A very safe and neutral color.  This is a great color if you wish to give your buyer a “clean slate”

normal colors to sell house

Click here to see more photos of this house painted in Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 


4) Grizzle Gray

A dark, rich gray with a hint of blue

grizzle gray SW7058

Click here to see more houses painted in the color grizzle gray SW7058


5) Repose Gray

Another safe option guaranteed not to deter buyers

best color to sell house

Click to see a home painted in Repose Gray 7015


Looking for black color for a front door?

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Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW-6258

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW-6258

10 red flags when looking for a home improvement contractor

1. Like an ethical dog breeder, a good contractor has a waitlist

Quality contractors are booked.  Immediate availability is a red flag.  If you need someone to begin next week, you will mostly attract shady or new firms.

Major red flag: most companies you contacted had a waitlist.  Finally, you found one who can start next week.  He may also apply more pressure on you and make more follow-up calls.  So look for any sign of desperation.


9. While prices will vary sometimes considerable, the lowest bidder is a red flag holder