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We have developed a procedure for every step of the painting process. The information you receive in our free estimate is also used to train our team; making absolutely sure the described scope of the project is a 100% match to what is being delivered.  We employ proven habit building techniques to maximize efficiency and offer you a perfect combination of precision, durability, and value.


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Free Estimate

Every Free estimate includes; copy of our business license, proof of business insurance, bond, local references, and a list of model homes from your immediate area.

Our project estimator is usually the first person you will talk to.  He stops by and scopes the project.  The estimator will be accessing the amount of time and labor required to paint your home.  On exterior projects, he will take notes on the amount of chipping and peeling paint, height of the house, slope of the lot, etc.  The information is then used to calculate a reasonable quote that allows enough time to produce a quality paint job.  Estimates are emailed within 48 hours and they include our references, proof of insurance, bond, and license.

Technically Correct Estimates:

We have developed a policy for every step of the painting process.  Our goal is performance consistency among our crew and on every single project.  we know that many of our clients recommend us to friends and coworkers, and we need them to be comfortable knowing their friends will receive the same quality service and experience the same positive experience in doing business with Elegant Painting®

Our estimate documents list in detail all the tasks that we plan on performing on your particular project.  The following policies are explained in detail on your estimate document:

  • Local References
  • Proof of license, Insurance, & Bond
  • Model homes in your area
  • Power Washing Procedure
  • Masking & Coverup
  • Items removed from the house
  • Surface Preparation Methods
  • Primer Brands and Application
  • Caulking
  • Paint Brand & Application Methods
  • Trim Boards
  • Doors & Shutters
  • Cleanup
  • Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer Specifications for all our Products





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Progress Report & Proof of second coat

sammamish house paint interiorWe know you are busy with your job, but would like to know what we have been up to and how far along we are with your project.  As part of our ongoing effort to set Elegant Painting® apart from other painting companies, each exterior painting project includes a complete progress report, complete with photos and a description of performed tasks.  If your home has hard to see areas, ie. back of the chimney on top of the roof, you will receive progress photos.  Sample progress report

There are very few painting companies who promise 2 coats, and actually deliver as promised.  Thats why every one of our progress reports includes proof of second coat, as seen in these photos.

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Our progress reports are simply designed to keep our busy clients informed and involved in the process. Each report includes the following:

  • Records of color codes for your particular project
  • Steps taken to keep paint off of your plants, walkways, etc.
  • Photo report of any surface restoration that might be needed.
  • Proof of primer application
  • Paint application process
  • Proof of second coat
  • Additional notes
See a sample painting progress report



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Color Samples


Redmond Painting contractorsWe love to help you decide colors.  We know from experience that all of our hard work and labor loses some of its value, if you are not 100% happy with your color selection.  Usually all we need is to know your favorite color as a starting point, and we come out with samples of popular Sherwin Williams® colors, Apply them on the siding, and give you a few days to live with them, and see them in different lighting conditions.  Most painting companies do not get involved in color selection, and the few that do, usually natural cedar deck come out with printer-made swatches or cards that might look very different on your siding, with your homes particular landscape or lighting conditions. Since paint swatches are created with printers, we always recommend seeing the  actual paint on the actual surface before making a decision.


We make sure you love it!

choosing exterior colors

Before any paint purchase is made, we like you to see exactly what the finish will look on your siding, with your landscape, and in in different lighting conditions.

Since we have 266 cloudy days in the Puget Sound area, we usually try to observe our color options in the shade.   We recommend you take your time and passively study the samples at different times of the day.  Cross the street and look at them from a distance, try not to focus on them for too long to preserve a diverse perspective.   While we always suggest to go with colors that make YOU happy, If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, we suggest keeping things simple and staying with neutral, earthy Washington tones.


HOA Approval

Once colors have been decided, we provide you with a complete PDF report to present to your home owner’s association for approval.  This report contains everything Your HOA may require before we can being your project;

  • Color names or  codes
  • Starting and completion date
  • Our business license number
  • Our contact information.

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Pressure Washing

power washing siding

Washing the exterior of a home is not exactly like pressure washing a driveway.  It is more of a power rinse to remove that invisible layer of pollution which would  otherwise mix with the paint and alter the formula  If your house has wood siding, we like to wash at least 2 weeks ahead of painting.

chemical clean outside house

With fiber cement siding, 1 week of drying time should suffice.  We take special care not to direct the washer at windows and doors, we also take precautions to prevent water from finding its way behind the siding.


Surface Preparation

Once the house is dry, we return for our standard, comprehensive preparation service and primer application.  Read our full preparation procedure.

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Paint Purchase

Every estimate includes all materials needed to complete the job.  We use only top quality Sherwin Williams® paints, and we take care of purchase, delivery, estimating required amount, etc..  We follow Sherwin Williams application instructions  to prevent any formula alteration.


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Needed or not, we apply 2 coats on every single project.  Siding is always back-rolled to improve adhesion and produce an even spread.  we even provide you with photo proof of second coat on your painting progress report.


This is another task that sets us apart from our competition, and allows us to claim to offer super premium quality.

This photo shows the effectiveness of back-rolling.  Back-rolling offers cosmetic benefits as well as adding 3-5 years to an already durable paint job that is specifically formulated for the Northwest.

While the sprayer lays the paint on top of the surface, the roller forces it into the grain, making it one with the surface, Making it difficult for the siding to release the paint as time goes on.  Corners, or any area  where the roller may not reach or does not fit, are back brushed to make sure all surfaces receive the exact same treatment.

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Touch-up Paint

At the end of the project, you are left with labeled and sealed sample cans of every color that was used on your home.  These cans are the exact materials used on your project and can be used for future touch-ups.  If left unopened, acrylic paints have a self life of many decades.

touchup paint




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Clean up

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Every estimate includes complete clean up.  We will leave nothing behind, and do our best to leave your property cleaner than we found it.  Patios, driveways, and roofs are always cleaned with garden blowers, all masking paper, plastic, etc. is removed and taken away.  We also leave you with a touch up kit that includes labeled pint size cans of the colors used on your house, and some small tools to help you do any future touch ups as needed.



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