Elegant Terms & Conditions:

Elegant Painting Cannot be responsible for lost pets.  Doors will be wide open if they are being worked on or if equipment is being carried in/out of the house (interior projects). Our insurance covers your property from start to completion of the project.  Elegant painting provides a safe working environment for its employees who are covered by state workers compensation (industrial insurance).  We put our equipment away at the end of each working day.  Homes with children, we require your approval before workers leave the job site to make sure the site is safe for children while our crew is away overnight.  Elegant Painting will not be responsible of any damage done to property before our arrival.  Elegant Painting will not paint any windows shut but we will not be responsible for windows that were painted shut prior to our arrival.    Colors to be chosen prior to start of every project.  If homeowner changes colors after project has started, Homeowner will be responsible for the cost of paint and labor.  

This contractor is registered with the state of Washington the state of Washington, registration # ELEGAP*956QS and has posted with the state a bond or deposit of $6000.00.  The contractor is required to provide you with further information about lien release document if you request it. General information is also available from the state Department of Labor and Industries 

Pressure washing 

we make the assumption that your windows are properly sealed and your home is safe to be washed without water entering the house.  After this portion of the project is completed, please check all windows to make sure water has not entered the house.  Elegant Painting® cannot be held responsible for a poorly sealed structures that leaks (very rare)

Elegant Warranty Terms and conditions 

This Limited 3 year Warranty is issued by elegant Painting Company to those persons who close a contract with Elegant Painting and apply it to a single family residence (“Home”) of which the purchaser (“Owner”) is the legal owner. The Owner shall prove, to Elegant Painting Company that he/she is the original purchaser of the contract and owner of the Home. If the coating peels or blisters during the lifetime of the Home, Elegant Painting Company shall, upon presentation of the Original signed contract and verification of ownership, Repair the peeling or chipping years. For the purpose of this Limited Warranty, “Home” shall mean a free-standing single family dwelling, and “3 year” shall mean as long as the coating is unaltered on the exterior surface of the Home and the Owner owns the home.  This Limited Warranty shall not apply to and/or cover any defect or damage resulting from damage due to fire, settlement, structural cracks, faulty construction or misuse of the Home, damage due to natural causes, or damage caused by third parties or foreign objects or agents, Ordinary wear and tear, slight fading of color due to UV exposure, moisture content of the substrate, abrasion, mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, harsh chemicals or solid contact. Damage caused by plants, pets, or wildlife. Damage caused in whole or in part by any reason beyond our control. Warranty does not cover decks, railings, wood windows, Doors including garage doors if the wood is deteriorating before our services was requested, Beams if they protrude passed roofline, ends of fascia and verge boards if they protrude passed roofline.  This Limited Warranty is for the benefit of the initial purchaser (individual whose signature is on the original contract) only and is not transferable or assignable to any other persons, firms or corporations.  Elegant Painting Company’s entire liability shall be limited exclusively to providing repairs to any area, which peels or blisters. It is expressly understood and agreed that Elegant Painting Company shall in no event be liable to purchaser for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages and makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of fitness or particular purpose or merchantability or otherwise beyond this express Limited Warranty.