The ultimate guide to hiring a contractor

Sadly, most people who hire Elegant Painting, admit to having had a negative experience with their previous painters.  The majority of our clients are long-time homeowners.  Since 2004, we have been asking our client why they are looking for a new house painter, instead of hiring the last painter they worked with.  The following is a collection of dos and donts of hiring a painting contractor.


Contractor directories

These are websites that advertise phrases such as “top 90 painters in Bellevue” or ” Top 60 plumbers in Redmond”.  It’s a simple business model.  You set up a website and claim to put homeowners in touch with local pros.  Then you advertise the website using google ads.  When the calls come in, you sell those clients to local companies.  This service is free to home owners but the cost for this service is added to your bid.

Subcontracting firms

A subcontracting firm is a registered contractor who does not actually perform any home improvement work.  Another simple business model.  You register yourself as a contractor, which surprisingly easy to do in WA state.  Set up a website and advertise it using Google ads.  Once the calls come in, simply contact local businesses and sell them the client.  A large subcontracting firm can have dozens of companies who buy clients from them and they usually collect about 1/2 of the total for this service.l

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