The ultimate all around perfect pressure washer – Pressure washer buying guide


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Our company has bought, returned, and discarded over 50 pressure washers over the last 16 years. We believe we have pinned down the best all around pressure washer that can be adjusted for all your washing projects around the house.

Your pressure washer has 2 main parts.  An engine and a water pump powered by the engine.

best pressure washer durable

Get one with pressure Rating: 3800-4000 PSI

Any lower than 3800 and you’ll struggle to finish a driveway before your arms and shoulders are exhausted.

Any higher PSI and the machine requires a larger water pump.  I’ll explain why a bigger pump is not a great idea.

Pump size exactly  3.5 Gallon per hour

GPH too low: little washing power.  GPH too high:  your house water pressure may struggle to keep up.

Anything lower than 3.5 gallons per minute, simply not enough volume to accomplish any real washing tasks.

Pump size bigger than 3.5GPH and the machine will struggle if your home’s water pressure is low.   Low water pressure is very common and you may end up waiting for the washer to catch up.


Get a pressure washer with a HONDA engine.

Most often the problem with a washer is the pump and not the engine.  The good news is the pump is easily replaceable. Your pressure Washer’s water pump will fail.  We replace our pumps every 30-40 houses.  They are rebuildable if you have the time to learn.  A 3.5gps pump runs you about $280 on Amazon.

Virtually all pressure washer problems are solved by replacing the water pump. :  You have little pressure.  pulsing pressure.  Pump is cracked and leaks.

Get a Dewalt 60895

This machine has all the perfect specifications mentioned above.  Turn it down to 20% to wash your car.  Blast it up to 100% and rip that mildew off the driveway.  Power wash the siding at around 80% pressure.

Dewalt makes the body, which falls apart after about 100 hours but continues to work with missing/loose parts.  They usually come with AAA pumps which also fail after about 40-80 hours of use.  The HONDA motor, with nothing but oil changes, will last you forever!

Protip: Everytime you release the trigger, you are putting stress on the water pump.  Do not let the machine run for more than a few seconds while the trigger is not pulled.  

See the 4000psi-3.5GPH DeWalt pressure washer at home depot

The replacement water pump


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