Painting Garage doors

Painting garage doors; siding, trim, or accent color

Points to consider before painting garage doors;

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How many other features do you see in the front of the house besides garage doors

It is possible to make the front “too busy” or “too crowded”.

View your exterior from curb.  does your structure include any of the following:  front window trim, front porch, railings, pillars, cedar shakes, bricks, rocks around the garage doors, gables, dormers, etc.

If your home already has all of those features, then you may want to consider painting the garage doors siding colors to avoid that “busy look”.

Talk to a professional about your garage door service and repairs,

Painting Garage doors to make them stand out

If the front your structure lacks features, then painting garage doors trim or accent color can create an interesting focal point.


painting garage doors

This client decided to have us paint the garage doors body color to avoid a “busy or crowded look”.

Here the structure itself make a statement with multiple features; dormers, cedar roofing, steps, front doors, shutters, large front windows, all visible from the curb.

Painting garage doors accent color

This option should be approached with caution.  Your HOA may have policies regarding painting garage doors accent or trim color.

With the right color combination, painting garage doors accent color can achieve a very appealing look.  Bellow image: this client chose to paint the garage doors the same color as the front door.


painting garage doors

A perfect example of carefully chosen color combination

Recommended: painting garage doors siding color

The majority of homes we paint, garage doors are painted body color.  Considering most garage doors are not exactly what we would consider a unique feature of your home.

Most of our clients agree that garage doors should be painted siding color while the trim around the doors are painted to match the trim on the rest of the house.