Sammamish WA Exterior painting – Columbia Neighborhood – Sammamish, WA

Starting Date: July 15th, 2013

Completion Date: July 19th, 2013


Our most recent project in the beautiful Columbia neighborhood of Sammamish, WA.  We are thrilled to have 10 or more clients in this neighborhood.

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brown colors for outside




We masked windows, concrete patios, power outlets, front rocks, etc.  We also caulked all imperfections on the wood trim, and all butt-joints on the fiver cement siding boards.

fence stain TWP

Protecting the neighbor’s plants, while spraying the fence.

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parrot photo gallery elegant painting

Paint Application

As always, we Apply two coats and back-roll both coats to ensure the material is being rubbed into the surface, as supposed to a quick one day spray job.

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Finished Product

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Exterior Painting and Deck Refinishing – Bellevue, WA

Complete exterior, including doors, windows trim, decks, and railings.

Power washing

Our power washer was able to remove Bee’s nests, spider webs, and that invisible layer of pollution that will otherwise mix into the paint and alter the formula.  We also had plenty of cedar bleed through that we removed using our standard house bleach/TSP solution.  We also removed some loose paint from the siding and railings.  We do not expect the pressure washer to remove all the loose paint, but it does give the scraping and sanding a head start.

Power washing date: May 29, 2013

Starting date: July 9, 2013

Completion date: July 12, 2013

 elegant paint colors


outside paint brown




After scraping and sanding, we applied one solid coat of oil based primer by hand.  We like to use brushes and roller to make sure the primer is forced into the grain.  front verge boards and beams were the focus of our attention, although we did find a fair amount of peeling paint on the siding as well.

classy exterior house color

keeping a wet edge while painting


Masking and cover-up

As always, we take great care to protect windows, decks, plants, and concrete surfaces.

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2 coat Application

Both coats are always back-rolled to ensure proper adhesion.  Back rolling removes any air that might be trapped between the siding, and the fresh coats of paint.

elegant interior house colorsexterior gray paint colors


Decks and Railings

railings were prepped using the same procedure as the house, while the deck boards were completely stripped.

painting interior estimate belelvue

columbia sammamish wa



Some Small touches

When the water pickets are previously painted, or simply old and unsightly, we paint them.  The handle is painted using Rust-Oleum metal paint, while the body of the hardware is painted with the house paint.

green leaf snohomish wa painting


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