Review STIHL Pressure washer

STIHL Pressure washer BR800

Our DeWalt washers last forever.

The claim

According to STIHL, the BR800 is a professional-grade pressure washer built for daily commercial use.

Pressure washer stihl

Test of time

We have pressure washed roughly 20 single family residential homes. All homes between 2800 and 6000 square feet. Our new machine has been perfect. It has started on the first pull every single time!! (with pressure released)

What we love about our Stihl washer

Vibration dampers

A first notable feature is vibration dampers. With all of our other pressure washers, the body begins to fall apart within the first 20 jobs. STIHL attempts to solve this issue by adding engine vibration dampers between the motor and the pressure washer body. The pump and the motor vibrate, but the body of the power washer remains very steady!

Stihl pressure washer rubber vibration damper

This pressure washer starts easy!

This is the easiest starting pressure washer we have ever owned. Assuming you have released pressure and kept the trigger pulled while pulling the rope, a gentle pull on the rope is all that is need! We have washed about 20 homes with our new Stihl machine, and not once has is not started with the first pull!

Pump oil view window

Unlike most other washers, the Stihl washer has a large and easy to see pump oil viewing window

Pump oil window view stihl

Tip holders that actually hold the tips

These tip holders actually hold the tips snugly.  Combined with the fact that this machine does not vibrate, your tips are sure to never be lost.

See this pressure washer on Stihl website

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