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Day 1; we removed one 5 gallon bucket full of loose paint from mostly front and right side of the house.  This task was accomplished using razor sharp painter’s hand scrapers and sand paper to knock down some of the roughness.  More sanding will be done after primer is dry to smooth out the surface but we will be cautious not to smooth it out too much.  We do need some texture on all exterior surfaces to help hold on to more paint and to also help cool down the surface.

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After sanding and scraping we hand painted, using rollers, one coat of Cover Stain oil based primer. While spraying would have been much faster, we always hand-roll the primer to make sure it is forced into the grain of the wood and into the texture to make sure any air within the texture is pushed out and replaced with primer.  This method ensures the primer locks into the grain, making it very difficult for it to release any time soon.

popular exterior paint colors for wa>?

Benjmain Moore bear creek color

Protecting roof, windows, patios, plants, etc

We take special care of our green friends.  Our upside down baskets protect smaller plants from the weight of our tarps and also make the plant more visible and less likely to be stepped on.

drop cloth on plants

covering plants paint


covering plants drip paint

Second coat

two coats of paint elegant painting


sammamish two coats of paint on siding





Completion notes



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