Review of color Muse tool for paint color matching

The Color Muse tool works with Sherwin Williams ColorSnap™ Match app.

It also works with Color Muse free app which can match any object to colors from any paint manufacturer!

Sherwin Williams® COLOR SNAP MATCH™

Test 1: Color matching objects around the home.

Conclusion:  Better than an expert human eye.


Test 2: Interior walls

Conclusion:  100% accurate!

Test 3: Matching swatches from different manufacturer

Conclusion:  not as good as color matching at paint store

If you have a paint swatch from one paint manufacturer and would like to find an identical color from another manufacturer, your best bet is to take a wet sample to the paint store of your choice  We tested about 50 colors and virtually none produced satisfactory results.


Test 4: SW Paint Swatches.  Accuracy 100%


Test 5: Drawdowns.  Accuracy 75%


FAIL!!  The device did not produce an accurate reading of the color Dover White SW-6105.  So we put it through a more comprehensive test involving only off-white colors.  Conclusion:  This device cannot reliably match off-white colors.   For the time being, all off-white color matching should still be done at the paint store.


Test 6: Siding.  Accuracy ?

Coming soon