The right primer for every job

Best Exterior Wood Primer

As of 2020, the longest lasting exterior primer is the Sherwin Williams® slow-dry oil-based primer.  The slow-dry action of this primer increases adhesion through extended bonding time.  This primer can be either rolled or sprayed and back-rolled.

Pros: Highly adhesive.  Block stains and tanning.

Cons:  Slow drying.  Requires pressure from a roller or brush to penetrate.  Not homeowner grade. Difficult to apply.  Not water clean-up

oil-based wood primer
primer bare siding

Best interior primer: millwork

Millwork that is stained/varnished requires oil-based primer.  While it still requires the varnished to be etched using very fine sand paper, Cover Stain Classic Oil 100 is our #1 choice.  This product adheres extremely well to sanded doors, baseboards, cabinets, and other previously unpainted interior surfaces.

Pros: Highly adhesive.  Block stains and tanning. Fast drying.  Once dry, it sands smooth.

Cons:  Toxic formula. Very thick and difficult to apply.  Requires high-pressure paint sprayers  Not water clean-up

interior primer
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Sealing New texture or new sheetrock

We lean away from the standard sheetrock sealer, also known as PVA.  PVA is basically the cheapest form of sealant - absolute minimum required.  As standard interior water-based primer does a much better job of sealing new texture/sheetrock.  Our favorite right now is the Zinsser® SmartPrime®.

Pros: Excellent hide (it blocks and seals virtually anything).  Water-based.  Low odor.

Cons:  Best suitable for walls and ceilings.  May not adhere to surfaces previously painted with semigloss or gloss sheen.

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Sealing rusty pipes

Rust tends to bleed through most primer and paints.  For rusty pipes, after sanding and cleaning,  we use the mother of primers - Shellac-based BIN spray can.

Pros:  Adhesion 10/10.  Blocks all stains guaranteed.

Cons: Highly toxic and flammable.  Foul smell.  Toxic fumes.  Use only in extreme situations where other primers have failed.

bin primer 98077

When painting over walls & ceilings previously painted with high-sheen paints

If your walls and ceilings are currently painted with semi-gloss, gloss, or high-gloss sheen, you must prime before changing color.  For this application, we like any fast drying oil based primer.  KILZ Premium 3 is an excellent choice for most situations. .

Pros:  Adhesion 10/10.  Blocks all stains guaranteed.  Sticks to high-sheen previous coats perfectly.

Cons: Toxic fumes.  Paint-thinner smell.

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