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  • Entire team: vaccinated background-checked non-smokers
  • We use air extractors to remove fumes from your home while we sand or spray
  • Cabinet doors are sprayed in our spray booth in Woodinville (meaning 90% less spray/dust inside you home)

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Location:  All doors are prepped and painted in our spray shop in Woodinville- under sterile conditions and

dried under climate control to promote leveling and maximize adhesion.  We then wrap them in moving blankets and deliver/install. Cabinet boxes (bodies) are primed/painted on site.

Average duration:  4-6 consecutive business days from start to finish (for an average 45 door kitchen).  Example:  we begin your kitchen on Monday, we finish the work inside your kitchen and clean up by Thursday.  We return the following monday with your perfectly painted cabinet doors.

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Drying 3 coats in our sterile dry room in Woodinville, WA. These doors are dried cold while laying flat to achieve maximum leveling

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Our kitchen cabinet painting process produces the longest lasting fine finish possible.  We use oil primers and self-leveling paints to deliver highest possible adhesion.

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Step 1: Preparation

Mask/coverup any surface not being painted.  Because kitchen cabinet painting often includes spraying paint, we air-tight-mask everything in the room.   Including but not limited to flooring, windows & doors, counter tops, backsplash, appliances, and walls.  This is a great time to paint walls and ceilings in the kitchen too.  

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Final stage of prep. Shining flood lights from various angles to locate the smallest imperfections.

Disassemble: We now remove all doors and hardware., and label all items.

Patching: Identify and fill any dents, cracks, scratches, etc. Patching material: 3M Bondo 801 professional glazing and spot patching compound.

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Cold drying cabinet doors

Even though we use self leveling paints on cabinet doors, we dry all 3 coats in a cold and sterile dry room to promote further leveling which results in a glass-smooth fine finish.


Sanding Because most cabinets are previously coating with high-sheen material, we sand to remove this sheen.  This is an etching process which improves primer adhesion.  The sanding dust is then removed with fine particle brush vacuums.


Spray, using fine-finish sprayers, one coat of oil based primer.  We use oil based primers because they penetrate and bond with cabinet surface.



Paint application

Fine-finish sprayers: apply 3 coats of self-leveling interior trim paint.  We use either Benjamin Moore Advance®, or Sherwin Williams ProClassic® Hybrid.  Fine-finish spray tips produce small particles resulting in a highly smooth finish.

What is a hybrid paint: Hybrid means Water based Acrylic Alkyd.  Hybrid paints offer all the benefits of oil-based paints, but far less carcinogens.  Hybrid paints dry much quicker than oil based paints.

What is self-leveling: Self leveling means even application.  Should you need to touch-up your cabinets in the future, you could use a brush and the brush-marks disappear almost entirely.

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