Painting exterior edges

An overview of exterior edges; which is painted what color.

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When it comes to edges and corners, exterior painting is a bit different than painting inside.  Painting the outside has more in common with production painting and its purpose  is preservation of the substrate as well as adding appeal to the home.  Elegant Painting follows standard procedure and applies all paint products according to manufacturer recommendation.

Corner trim

This 1×4 pre-primed spruce board is designed to hide the joint between siding pieces. In most modern homes, this piece is used to create a sealed connection between siding pieces and also serves  cosmetic purposes.  If your home already has plenty of trim in the front, you may avoid the “busy” look by painting the corner pieces same color as the siding.

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Corner trim with downspout

When the downspout is installed directly on top the trim piece, a portion of the corner trim is visible under the downspout.  This small portion is painted body color to improve precision and avoid an unsightly stripe behind the downspout.

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Door Trim

Since most siding is butted right upto the door casing, and the siding is often caulked into the casing, painting only the face of the trim is the only way to produce a neat and straight line.  Other options include painting door and trim same color as siding to make them all disappear a bit, or paint door and it’s trim boards all trim color to make them stand out.

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Downspouts are usually painted the same color of the surface they are attached to.  If a downspout is installed on a trim piece, it should be painted the color of the trim piece, but sometimes a downspout runs down the siding and it should be painted siding color to help make it look less visible.

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Posts and Pillars

Not every home has posts or pillars, but when they do, we try to ad an elegant touch by painting any trim on the surface.  Painting the metal flashing the body color is one way of adding our elegant painting detail signature to any home.

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Edges on Doors

How do we know which edge should be painted the interior color and which edge exterior?  Here’s a simple method; Stand outside and open the door.  The edge you see from the outside should be painted the exterior color.  If the interior of the door is being painted, simply repeat this method from th

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