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If you have wood windows, you are probably aware that they are a maintenance item.

In the 1980’s, several manufacturers used stain-grain wood to manufacture windows that cause a bit of a headache for homeowners. This means the windows should have initially been stained, and not painted.

Usually by the time our services are requested, the windows have already been painted a few times, and re-painting is the only choice.

We know how expensive window replacement can be, and we have developed a window preparation and painting procedure, that fully restores your existing windows, and turns them into like-new condition.

First, we use easy-release masking tape to cover the glass, and start our preparation by removing all the loose paint.

A molding scraper is used to remove peeling paint, and all surfaces are hand-sanded.

At this stage of the process, we avoid using power tools or heating devices, to eliminate any possibility of damage to your windows.

Once all the loose paint has been removed, and sanding dust is cleaned, we apply a coat of oil based sealant to prime the surface and replenish essential oils back into the substrate.

After priming, we inspect every window and look for any further sanding, patching, and caulking that needs to be done.

Elegant Painting uses fine finish sprayers to produce the smoothest, most even coats possible. Our standard procedure calls for 2 coats, on top the primer, every single time. After each coat, windows are inspected for any further fine tuning.

As with all exterior trim pieces, your windows are coated with Benjamin exterior low gloss paint, which is the most durable exterior paint currently available on the market.

Please feel free to contact us If you have any further questions about any of our procedures.

Painting contractors near woodinville, WA