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At Elegant Painting, we have developed specific painting procedures that produce the most perfect, flawlessly painted front doors on the East side.

Our goal is to give your door a factory-finish look and feel.

If your door was last painted by the builder of the home,  or another painting company,  you will be impressed by our superior level of craftsmanship, and our extreme attention to detail.  We know the front door is very important part of the house and it must have an absolutely perfect finish, every time.

Our crew will work with you to choose the perfect contrast for your exterior configuration.

If you have a simple and traditional door and casing combination, you may want to consider painting the door and the trim around it the same color to help exaggerate the size of the door.

And if your have a larger door with a more elaborate casing, we would be happy to experiment with a variety of samples until we find the perfect scheme for your specific style and taste.

Sometimes painting the window above the door can help draw attention to the entrance.  And other times the window needs to match the other windows on the house.  We also look for any features we can enhance to add a little more elegance to your door.

Regardless of your style or personal taste, we are confident that our team will exceed your expectations, and deliver a premium quality paint job that’s specifically formulated for the Northwest.

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