Exterior Siding paint upgrade

Our entry-level exterior paint is SuperPaint® by Sherwin Williams® which is a professional grade product. While SuperPaint® is already better than what most other painters use, we offer you an optional upgrade. These products are recommended for darker exterior colors, or if you simply want the best for your home.

Have you thought about the sheen?  Flat or satin? 


We do not use this one

Included in your bid 

Additional fee for paint & labor

Number of coats

2 coats

2 coats



Self-priming (We spot prime regardless)

Self-priming (We spot prime regardless)

Manufacturer Warranty

15 years

25 years


Fade Resistance

Will fade  

Darker colors will begin to fade within 3-5 years

Color lock technology keeps darker colors from fading much longer than traditional coatings





Humidity resistance


Flat 6/10 - Satin 7/10

Flat 10/10 - Satin 10/10


Use this one if saving $ on paint is priority - Best suited for rentals and flips 

Choose SuperPaint® if:
Lighter color
Previous paint in OK shape
Re-paint within 10 years

Choose Emerald® if:
All colors
Current paint in good or bad shape
South-side of your home is not protected
You do not wish to re-paint for at least 10 year
Or if you simply wish to have the very best paint available today!



Conclusion:  Emerald Exterior® is the absolute best exterior paint we have.  Click here to see why we love Emerald exterior paint.