How we paint 100% perfect lines

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We employ a special method to produce straight lines that are machine-made perfect! this is a step-by-step process we use on every interior project; ceiling lines, around door and window trim, baseboard lines, and any other place where contrasting colors meet.


1) Draw a line

Using a mechanical pencil we first draw a line at the corner.  We allow the corner to decide where the line should be.

how to paint straight lines

2) Tape

We then apply masking tape right below the mark.

how to tape ceiling for painting


3) Seal the tape

Paint will seep under the tape, so we use the wall color to seal the tape 2 times.  This step allows the our wall color to seep under and create a sealed corner.
stop paint from seeping under tape


4) Final Color

We now Apply the final color on our sealed tape.

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5) Unmask and enjoy perfect lines!

painting straight lines

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