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TWP Fence and Deck Stain is a professional grade product designed for the Northwest. Shake can for 3-5 minutes before opening. Open the lid and use a stir stick to scrape any pigments from the bottom of the can and stir for another 3-5 minutes. Stir material as you apply.
Use a large paintbrush designed for oil-based material.
Keep a wet edge: Apply with the grain. Apply stain to 1-5 boards, all the way across the deck, then stain another 1-5 boards all the way across, without stopping.  Manufacturer recommendation for application calls for 2 coats “wet-on-wet”.  This mean you apply one coat, immediately apply a second coat, and pick up any access materials with your brush.

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Stain a few boards all the way across. Do not stop till you reach the end. Then stain a foew more boards all the way across.

Deck staining













With most Semi-transparent deck stains, the first coat cannot be dry when the second coat is apple.  Coat #1 will block the second coat from penetrating into the grain and the stain may remain wet or “sticky” for months.


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