Northwest deck staining – Do it yourself

Chemical Treatment

The Behr Premium 2-in-1 Deck cleaner will not harm your lawn or plants, and is a great product for removing previous Deck stain and mildew. This product balances PH and brightens cedar boards. This product is concentrated and you need to follow manufacturers directions for dilution. Use a 5Gallon bucket to mix the product with water, or mix directly in a garden sprayer. Once your solution is ready, be sure to soak the entire deck with water, then spray or use a carwash brush to apply the chemical to a 10’ X 10’ area of the deck, and allow 3-5 minutes for product to activate. DO NOT allow solution to dry on the deck and be aware of slippery surfaces.

NOTE:  This is the only BEHR product we use for this, or any other project.


Power Wash

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This is where things can go wrong! Pressure washing is a bit tricky. A small mistake can ruin a few boards and increase the size of the project by adding another trip to the store, and brand new boards will most likely not match the color of your existing ones. Please use caution and see the illustration bellow for proper gun swing to avoid gouging or marking up the cedar.

While allowing time for your Deck stain remover to activate, set up your power washer based on included instructions. Most machines are simple to set up; attach garden hose, attach power hose and gun, use the green tip included with the machine. NOTE: incorrect use a power washer can gouge your deck boards or your toes! If you are new to power washing, practice on the driveway. DO NOT pull the trigger on the gun while the tip of the gun is near your deck boards or any body parts!!


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