Fine-finish millwork painting by ELEGANT PAINTING®


Our millwork painting process follows the paint manufacturer’s application instructions and produces a “factory finished” look and feel. 

Millwork = interior trim.  The term millwork refers to anything that was once created in a mill (doors, baseboards, window trim, crown molding, etc)


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When we talk about painting millwork, we are referring to your wood or MDF doors, door casings, trim, wood windows, window trim pieces, baseboards, crown molding, and wainscoting.

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Millwork painting


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Step 1.  Masking & coverup

We protect any areas that are not being painted. We offer you a written guarantee that our team will not slop paint on any surfaces not being painted.

  • Furniture: moved around as needed and covered using painter’s plastic
  • Baseboards: masked with blue tape and masking paper to prevent roller splatter and overspray
  • Flooring: protected using drop cloth or masking paper
  • Countertops: masked and protected using drop cloth or paper masking
  • Kitchen cabinets: Covered entirely with painter’s plastic to prevent splatters or overspray.


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Step 2. Filling holes, cracks, and other imperfections

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Step 3.  Sanding to de-gloss

We begin by sanding all surfaces with fine sandpaper to de-gloss or remove the sheen from the previous finish.  Our de-glossing process considerably increases adhesion.

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Step 4.  Removing the dust.

A shop vac with a brush attachment is used to remove all sanding dust, then all millwork is wiped down with a lint-free cloth soaked in a de-glossing agent.

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Step 5. Prime + sand again

We apply one coat of fast-drying oil primer to any varnished or never-before-painted millwork. Everything is sanded one more time after the primer is dry.


Step 6. Caulk, spackle, & inspect

After primer, we perform a final inspection and address all imperfections.

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Step 7.  Apply 2 coats – Inspect, sand, & caulk in between coats

We use only the best hybrid paints available on the market.

Sherwin Williams ProClassicHybrid satin (Acrylic-Alkyd Hybrid )

We achieve the smoothest- most durable finish using Airless and HVLP sprayers.

What are hybrid paints? 



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Step 8. Clean up

We take our time with clean-up; making sure we leave your home cleaner that we found it!


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