A complete package to meet the needs of homeowners who expect more from their home-improvement professionals.

We have spent the last 10 years listening to Eastside homeowners, and offer you a service company 100% focused on providing a positive experience.

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No Subcontractors – Not a franchise

Fixed price guarantee

Every estimate includes references, proof of insurance, license, & bond

Model homes in your immediate area

Enhanced adhesion

Sherwin Williams® Paints

We offer proof of 2nd coat

Not operated out of a UPS store or PO box

Zero lawsuits or complaints, ever!

Precision Guarantee

HOA color approval

We make sure you love your colors!

Back-rolling to enhance durability

Glowing references

We guarantee your positive experience!


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No Subcontractors – Not a franchise

Elegant Painting was founded in Kirkland. Our talented crew members are directly employed and insured by us. We do not hire subcontractors and we do not sell client information to other contractors. By avoiding subcontractors we are able to guarantee consistent quality, time and time again.

What this means to you:
Most local painters use subcontractors. This means once you agree to hire a local painter, he then begins shopping around for a subcontractor to do the actual job. The company you hire is simply a middle man who takes a cut for finding you the painters…often the cheapest workers with the lowest quality service standards.

Every estimate includes references, proof of insurance, license, & bond

Every one of our free estimates comes with a list of glowing references, a copy of our current WA state contractor’s license, proof of insurance, and a copy of our certificate of bond.

Model homes in your immediate area

All exterior projects include a maps of model homes in your immediate area! we encourage our new clients to take a drive and see our work in person! There are multiple neighborhoods on the Eastside where you could go for a short walk around the block and view dozens of homes painted by ELEGANT PAINTING®

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ELEGANT PAINTING® is one of very few companies to back-roll the entire siding. this method forces the paint into the grain and rubs any trapped air out of the texture. Read more on the importance of backrolling.

Sherwin Williams® paints

We use only top quality paints from local Sherwin Williams® stores. as a large volume purchaser we receive deep discounts that allow us to continue offering super premium quality service at excellent rates. Read more about our paints, stains, and other adhesives.

Proof of 2nd coat

While most painting companies promise two coats, Very few actually deliver as promised. We believe applying two coats on every single project is essential to the durability of the coating. Every exterior project includes a progress report complete with proof of second coat. See a sample.

Not operated out of a UPS store

Many painting companies in our area are not local businesses; they use UPS boxes with addresses that resemble actual street locations. These are often companies that are hiding their physical locations from you and from the State.

Zero lawsuits or complaints ever!

As of 2015, ELEGANT PAINTING® maintains an immaculate record with zero complaints, no tax debt, no delinquent accounts or legal issues of any kind.

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Precision is guaranteed in writing!

We offer a you a piece of mind with our technically correct comprehensive precision guarantee. See it

HOA approval

Every estimate includes a PDF document to share with your HOA for approval. This document includes your chosen colors; complete with samples, and all our company information including business licence number, physical location, starting and completion dates, and all other information they may require before they can approve your colors. See it

We make sure you love your colors!

Our estimates include color samples which are painted on your siding or trim boards. We encourage you to observe your color samples in the shade, in direct sun, midday, and late after noon. Read more

We back-roll the entire siding!

To increase speed, most painting companies spray as much of the exterior as they can. ELEGANT PAINTING® is one of very few painting companies in the puget sound area to follow instructions provided by siding manufacturers, and back-roll the entire siding. Back-rolling(or back-brushing) is the original and accurate application method, and also recommended by all exterior paint manufacturers. Watch a video on this topic


Each free estimate includes a list of references complete with email addresses. We encourage our new clients to get in touch with previous homeowners and inquire about their experience with ELEGANT PAINTING®.

Special Southside Treatment

We have developed a special treatment, unique to the south-side of your home. This process focuses on removing any existing failed coats, applying one solid coat of penetrating oil-based primer, and back-rolling 2 coats of premium grade Sherwin Williams exterior paint. Tread the complete “south-side treatment process”

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We guarantee you will have a positive experience with us

While we guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship, we also guarantee that you experience with us will be a positive one. Our company is built around homeowners who expect a high level of professionalism from their home improvement professional.

Our quote is guaranteed not to change

Once your project begins, our price is guaranteed not to increase for any reason.

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