How to install trim on bi-fold closet doors

let’s learn How to install trim on bi-fold closet doors.  Adding trim to bi-fold closet doors is an excellent way of making the door appear larger.  It also gives our wall color a proper stopping point.  without this door trim, our wall color has to wrap around and go inside the closet.  If you wish to have closets that are painted white, you either have to draw lines at the door, or install trim as described here.


How to install trim on bi-fold closet doors

Step 1; install the inner casing

This piece needs to be ripped on a table saw to match the width of the sheetrock from the corner to the top slider.  If you do not have access to a table saw, you may find a close-enough width piece at your local hardware store.  If your piece is too small however, you may need to move the location of the sliding rail to close any gaps between the trim and the door.


Step 2; install your trim.

Mitter your edges using a miter saw or a by hand using a miter box, cheaply available at any hardware store, and nail in your trim.  You may use a nail gun or simply hammer in your nails; making sure you countersink every single nail (countersinking is accomplished with a nail-set which pushes the nail further below the surface)When nailing this trim, we try to make sure most of the nails go through the sheetrock and find a stud to grab on to.  Once your pieces are up, work on making the corners perfect.  If there is any need to pound the pieces to adjust them, be sure to use a hammer block, which is basically a piece of two by four used to protect the piece against the blows of the hammer.



closet trim paint contractors woodinvilleStep 3; fill the gaps and nail-holes

Use caulking to fill all the joints and spackle to fill the nail holes.  The caulking in the mitered joints needs to be immediately wiped with a damp rag to remove any access caulking materials, leaving behind only the material inside the joint.  The spackle must be repeated 2 or three times to make the nail holes disappear completely.




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How to install trim on bi-fold closet doors

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