How to choose exterior paint colors

A 4-step process on how to choose exterior paint colors

photo of house painting

1) We start with your favorite color.

As a professional painting company, our #1 job is to deliver what our clients want.  Most of our clients, from the initial estimate call, have an idea as to what colors they may want to have painted on the exterior of their home.  What we do is simply gather more information and find a perfect shade.

Most of our color consultations begin with phrases like “I know I don’t want brown, maybe some shade of gray?” or ” we definitely don’t like gray, maybe some shade of taupe ”.  That is what we call a “starting point”.  The client communicates their favorite color to us, and we begin to build a foundation on top of it.



2) What color is your roof and how much of it do you see from the curb?

Our exterior painting process