How long does deck stain last?

How long does deck stain lastA cedar deck is a hight-maintenance item.  Most deck stains do not come with any kid of warranty.  The question now is which type of stain is easier and cheaper to re-do and how often.

Natural cedar tone semi-transparent stains usually look great for one year.  After 2 years, they continue to protect, but they may get slippery and begin to fade.


  1. About 5% of our clients re-stain every year.
  2. About 50% of our clients re-stain every 2 years.
  3. About 45% of our clients re-stain every 3+ years.



Above image:  TWP Natural Cedar tone oil based deck stain.  Re-application of the TWP deck stain is simpler than the initial process. T re-apply this stain, we simply power wash, lightly sand to remove splinters (and not to remove previous stain), and apply another coat on top of the previous finish.  The new and the aged layers blend in perfectly!


semi transparent deck stain


98052 deck stain


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