How long does an exterior paint job last?

5-14 years

That is a very large window.  Lets narrow it down base on your home’s exterior painting history

The longevity of our exterior paint jobs depend on three factors.  Condition of current paint job, preparation before painting, and the type of paint used.

Condition of your current paint

If you paint the exterior of your home ontime, meaning you have little/no visible paint peeling or chipping, we would expect our paintjob to last 8-14 years.  If your home is surrounded by evergreen trees and does not receive any evening sun, we’d expect that number to be closer to 14 years.  If one side of your house, usually the south-side, receives plenty of sun in the evenings, we’d expect that side to fail before other sides of the house.

If your exterior painting is overdue, meaning you have visible paint peeling or chipping, we’d expect our paint job to last 5-11 years.  Any sides of the structure that are mostly in the shade should continue looking great for up to 11 years.  The south-side, assuming this is the side with peeling and chipping paint, will unfortunately begin to fail again prematurely.

Not painting the exterior on time causes peeling and chipping paint which increases chances of delamination.  This is considered a preexisting condition and has no permanent solution.  Delamination means the top layer of your siding is peeling off and taking with it any primer or paint regardless of quality or application method.  More on delamination

The only remedy is removing all peeling or chipping paint, prime with one coat of slow-dry oil primer, and apply 2 coats of paint with no cross-linking technology.  Why cross-linking technology, found in most premium-grade paints, can cause premature paint failure.