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Power Washing and Color Selection

Power washing a house is all about using the right materials and equipment.  We soaked any visible mildew with our exterior bleach and TSP solution, allowed 5-10 minutes for the cleaner to activate, and power washed to remove fairly large amounts of mildew and other green growth from the siding, eaves, gutters, and back side of gutters.

eastside power washing house

Some Gutter damage

We will attempt to fix these issues that seem to have been developing for some years.  These front gutters have been filled with water and are handing down with the weight of the water.  We will attempt to push them back in place before painting.  In the back of the house, above the sliding glass door, we have rusted gutters that are leaking.  We have a spray product that can seal these holes from the inside and provide a 1-2 year seal. Looks like the little pines or needles from the nearby evergreen trees are filling up these gutters, blocking water from draining down the downspout, causing sitting water in the gutter, and the weight of this water is causing the gutters to come loose.

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Possible Color Choices

blue exterior colors



sammamish wa licensed painters


Day 1 – Preparation

Friday July 26 – Estimated completion date: Monday July 29th. We started by masking windows to prevent any over spray, caulking any gaps, cracks, nail-holes, etc.  We also removed some loose paint from the south side but there is still some scraping/priming to do on Monday.  We were also able to apply both coats on about 70% of the house, and get started on the trim.

first coat of paint

White Lightning caulking material was applied to all corner joints, and sides of windows, doors, etc.

protecting the roof from over spray

Proper masking allows us to work fast without having to worry about making a mess!


As always, both coats are back-rolled to force the paint into the grain, and to make sure the paint is evenly spread.

painters near medina


Progress Photos

buxton blue exterior siding blue esterior color second coat of paint


 Final Product

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