Exterior paint application

This page describes how we apply paint on different exterior surfaces.  You may also be interested in Everything we do BEFORE  we apply the paint

Hardie board siding

Hardie board siding is almost always sprayed.   The artificial texture on hardie plank siding is not rough enough to require back-brushing or back-rolling.

Closed grain cedar siding

If the texture/grain is already filled, this type os siding is sprayed using airless sprayers.  Closed  grain cedar does not require back-rolling or back-brushing, since there is no rough texture in need of filling.

Open grain cedar siding

We back-brush or back-roll rough-cut cedar.  This is siding has such rough texture that sprayers alone cannot fill.  A roller or brush is needed to force the paint into the texture.   Examples of this siding include cedar siding that has never been sealed, or

south side of the house where the siding has weathered more.

Exterior trim boards

All exterior wood trim boards are hand-painted using brush/rollers.

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Wood windows and doors

Wood windows and doors are prepared and sprayed using our signature casement window treatment method.

Our wood window painting process

Our Front door painting process 

You may also be interested in Everything we do BEFORE  we apply the paint


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