The right primer for every job

The most adhesive primer on earth!

BIN primer sticks to all surfaces.  Widely used by contractors on cabinets and old wood millwork.  Roll it on and sand it smooth.

Pros:  Adhesion 10/10.  Blocks all stains guaranteed. Sands easy to a smooth finish. Dries super fast and can be coated by any other paint/primer

Cons: Highly flammable.  Foul smell.  Like all other fast-drying paints/primers, it does not do well outside - does not like extreme cold/heat.

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Best Exterior Wood Primer

As of 2020, the longest lasting exterior primer is the Sherwin Williams® slow-dry oil-based primer.  The slow-dry action of this primer increases adhesion through extended bonding time.  This primer can be either rolled or sprayed and back-rolled.

Pros: Highly adhesive.  Block stains and tanning.

Cons:  Slow drying.  Requires pressure from a roller or brush to penetrate.  Not homeowner grade. Difficult to apply.  Not water clean-up

oil-based wood primer
primer bare siding

Best interior primer: millwork

Millwork that is stained/varnished requires oil-based primer.  While it still requires the varnished to be etched using very fine sand paper, Cover Stain Classic Oil 100 is our #1 choice.  This product adheres extremely well to sanded doors, baseboards, cabinets, and other previously unpainted interior surfaces.

Pros: Highly adhesive.  Block stains and tanning. Fast drying.  Once dry, it sands smooth.

Cons:  Toxic formula. Very thick and difficult to apply.  Requires high-pressure paint sprayers  Not water clean-up

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Sealing New texture or new sheetrock

We lean away from the standard sheetrock sealer, also known as PVA.  PVA is basically the cheapest form of sealant - absolute minimum required.  As standard interior water-based primer does a much better job of sealing new texture/sheetrock.  Our favorite right now is the Zinsser® SmartPrime®.

Pros: Excellent hide (it blocks and seals virtually anything).  Water-based.  Low odor.

Cons:  Best suitable for walls and ceilings.  May not adhere to surfaces previously painted with semigloss or gloss sheen.

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When painting over walls & ceilings previously painted with high-sheen paints

If your walls and ceilings are currently painted with semi-gloss, gloss, or high-gloss sheen, you must prime before changing color.  For this application, we like any fast drying oil based primer.  KILZ Premium 3 is an excellent choice for most situations. .

Pros:  Adhesion 10/10.  Blocks all stains guaranteed.  Sticks to high-sheen previous coats perfectly.

Cons: Toxic fumes.  Paint-thinner smell.

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Cedar shake stain

Cedar shake siding should not be painted.   If they are painted, re-painting will virtually destroy them as shakes are too thin to withstand the preparation process.

Solid stain

Solid stain is the ideal product for cedar shake siding.   Stain requires little preparation as it does not chip or peel.  Primer should be avoided on cedar shake as it blocks the stain from penetrating and bonding with the substrate.

Semi-transparent stain

Aesthetically, the Semi-transparent stain is ideal but it requires a high maintenance.  Semi-transparent stain requires power washing and reapplication every 2-4 years depending on UV and moisture exposure.

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Best time of the year to paint exteriors in Seattle area

time of the year to paint outside

Exterior painting season

The most frequently asked question by our clients is ”when is the best time of the year to paint exteriors in Seattle area”.  We like to answer this question using a moisture gauge, and instructions from exterior paint manufacturers.

Moisture content of the substrate must be below 14%

If the surface has a higher moisture content, some of that moisture mixes with the paint, altering the formula and affecting the chemical reaction which takes place after application.

Our typical exterior painting season begins in April


best month for painting

Best time of the year to paint exteriors in Seattle area



Should you wait till later in the season?

Not necessarily!  If you paint early in the exterior painting season, your acrylic layers will have all summer to dry and cure, and be ready for the next rainy season.

On the other hand, if you paint later in the season, your substrate might have a lower moisture content, but the layers of paint will not have too much time to cure.

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Best time of the year to paint exteriors in Seattle

Average cost of painting the exterior of your home

Unlike interior painting, an exterior painting quote is dependent on a limited number of factors.  In this article, we explain our price formula which has been fine tuned over the last decade and proven to produce the most satisfied clients, as well as sustain ELEGANT PAINTING® as a successful local employer.


#1 factor: condition of current paint

removing loose paint from wood sidingAllowing paint to chip and peel before requesting the services of a professional painter comes with two complications;

1) Increased labor costs Removing loose paint is costly.  Peeling layers must be manually removed and primer must be hand painted to ensure proper adhesion.  This is old fashioned manual labor and it will cost you.

2) Decreased durability.  Once your current coat of paint stops being protective, your substrate begins to deteriorate.  Even with proper preparation you still run the risk of the new paint job failing prematurely.  You also run the risk of ending up with a painting company that does not perform a proper preparation service.


#2 factor: Height

A three story house will always cost more to paint.  Roofing, gutter cleaning and window cleaning will all cost more if you own a three story house.  Another factor is the amount of trim to be painted on your three story house.


#3 factor: Roof pitch

If there are surfaces only reached by walking on the roof, then the pitch of your roof comes into question. Most Northwest homes have roof pitch of bellow 12/12 which can be walked on with OSHA approved safety gear.  Roof pitch 12/12 (not common) cannot be walked on and require ladder hooks.


#4 factor: Slope of your lot

Has your home been built on a steep slopes?  Most homes are on semi-level lots and are easily painted using ladder leveler.  We have encountered a few dozen projects where a ladder-trench had to be dug in order to secure our ladder legs.


#1 factor: Siding type

There are only a few common siding types on Northwest homes

back brushing cedar siding1) Beveled cedar siding.  The most common type of siding used on homes constructed prior to the 1990’s.  While this material is still in use, it has been widely replaced with Hardie Board siding.  You can expect to pay a bit more to paint your house if you have rough-cut cedar siding.  The roughness of this surface is what makes it a durable product as it holds on lots of paint and also cools down faster.  Back-rolling or back-brushing is an absolute must with this type of siding.  Paint must be pushed into the texture to ensure a strong bond.

2) Hardie board siding.  Used on nearly all new homes, this material is easy to maintain, fairly inexpensive to paint, and it holds on to paint for many years.  It is crucial that Hardie Board siding is painted using spray & back-roll method to ensure enhanced adhesion and an even spread of paint.

3)Tongue and groove siding.  Less common cedar siding that general costs more to paint d

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Power washing (decks & fences)

What to expect from our power washing team


power-washingWe use high power pressure washers to remove previous finishes and mildew growth from cedar deck board and railings.  This process removes cedar pores from the surface.  Once the deck is power washed we rince these cedar pores from all surfaces surrounding the deck including; plants, walls, windows, and the deck itself. This portion of the process involves a car wash brush and a high power rinse; either the highest setting on a garden hose nozzle, or the lower setting on a power washer.  While trees and shrubs can easily withstand this level of water pressure, smaller annals, new transplants, and herbs might appear a disturbed for a few days.


What we need from you

power washing fence

Please close all windows and doors within within 20 feet of the deck

There is no need to remove patio furniture, BBQ, etc,  but please remove anything delicate that you do not want our crew to handle or anything that can not withstand being rinsed or scrubbed down with a car wash brush.


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 6.16.55 AM

Our crew makes the assumption that your home is properly sealed and OK to be power washed.  All Northwest homes are built to be power washed and our team cannot be responsible if any water enters the house due to incorrect installation of windows, doors, siding, etc.

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Kirkland painters

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Why you should hire a professional painting contractor – so many Kirkland painters to choose from

Of course, the world is moving towards do-it-yourself but this is not recommended for every task. You may decide to buy a can of paint for a section of your apartment but when it comes to extensive interior or exterior painting in Kirkland, you need to hire experienced Kirkland painters for the following reasons.

kirkland painters

Experience reflects

You intend to watch a 30-minute YouTube video on how to paint and you think you can compare the quality of your work to that of someone who has been painting for years? The difference will always be clear. No YouTube video will give years of painting experience. When a painting contractor paints your home, it will have higher value and more sales potential than painting it yourself. Remember, quality works speak for themselves.

All about caulking

Do you have the right equipment?
Every sector advances every day in terms of technology and that is why new sets of equipment are launched regularly. Do you currently have the latest painting equipment and are you aware of the most recent painting technology? If you are not a professional, the answer will probably be no. This is where Kirkland painters will make a difference.

It is their job so, they spare no expense in the purchase of the best equipment all the time. In addition, they are always aware of the latest technologies in the paint industry as they attend relevant seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Avoid risks

If you have to paint a whole building, you will probably need a ladder. You will agree that climbing a ladder to paint is a considerable level of risk that non-professionals should avoid. Even if you are insured, such accidents may not be covered by your insurance policy. Besides, your insurance provider may want to evade compensation by pointing out that the accident could have been avoided. Come to think of it – what if the fall renders you permanently incapacitated, how much compensation will make up for that?

Elegant painting is a member of Kirkland chamber 

On the other hand, professional painters have been trained on the use of ladders and they have been doing it for years. In addition, most of them are insured against such accidents. The point is, if you fall while trying to paint your house, the remedy will cost you more than the amount required to hire a professional painter.

Time-saving hiring Kirkland painters

The time required to paint your apartment will be diverted into other meaningful activities if you hire a professional. Besides, he will not only paint your apartment better, but he will also spend less time on it. The best part is that you don’t have to be 3physically present during the project. So, you could ask that your house be painted while you are on vacation or during office hours when you are in the office depending on how much time is needed for the project. Unfortunately, this is not possible when you decide to paint your house.

The durability of the paint job

Being a professional painter includes the ability to differentiate high-quality paints from inferior ones. Do you have the knowledge? What if the paint you used starts peeling off after just a couple of months? Some paints cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Professional Kirkland painters use high-quality paints and some of them even supply paints too. In addition, they usually give a guarantee for their painting jobs.

In conclusion, quality does not come cheap and if you want a quality painting job, don’t use your apartment as your learning curve. Hire Kirkland painters. YouTube videos will only give you general painting ideas but every home is unique and requires unique ways to paint it. Don’t devalue your home with your shoddy painting job. Hire a professional.

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How we repair peeling paint

peeling paint cedar siding

If you own a house in the Puget sound area, you know that the south side of your home is more exposed to the elements than the rest of the structure. The south side remains in the shade longer, meaning moisture from humidity and due evaporate later in the day. The south side of the structure is also the side exposed to evening sun while the temperatures are the highest.


We have developed a special treatment, unique to the south side of your home. This process focuses on removing any existing failed coats, Back-rolling a solid coat of penetrating oil-based primer, and applying 2 coats of Professional grade exterior paint.

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Removal of failed previous coatschipping paint southside


The first step is to remove all peeling or chipping paint. This task is accomplished using a combination of hand and power tools. While we do not attempt to remove ALL of the previous paint, our goal is to remove any existing loose paint, along with any layers that might fail within the next few years.


IMPORTANT: slow-Dry oil primer

Once all the sanding dust and loose paint chips are removed, we hand paint one layer of our Slow-dry oil-based primer. This material penetrates into the wood and becomes one with the grain. Primers also replenish all the essential oils back into the substrate; in other words, primer keeps the siding from decomposing and returning to nature!

Slow VS fast drying oil primers:  slow-drying primers slow the application process, they also add years to the longevity of the paint job.   See pages 8 and 9 of your estimate for more information and direct links to manufacturer specifications.



caulking wood siding


Essential in the damp Northwest, caulking is a task saved until the primer is fully dry. Similar to paint, caulking material adheres better to primer than it does to bare wood. we use premium grade caulking materials to fill any cracks, gaps, joints, nail holes etc.


Paint Application

Once our special south-side treatment is complete, we apply two coats of Sherwin Williams professional grade paint, along with the rest of the house. We back-roll rough areas  to ensure proper adhesion, an even spread of paint, and to push out any air that is otherwise trapped in the grain.





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Touch-up paint – ELEGANT PAINTING®

Every estimate includes a free touch-up kit.  In this kit you will find a pint size can of each color used on your project, a list of color names, manufacturer, brand, sheen, and instructions for acquiring more if you ever  need to do some larger touch-ups in the future.  These pint size cans are filled with the exact paint used on your project. 

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