Surfaces we DO NOT paint

Garage door will be sprayed closed

Edges between sections, as well as edges covered by weather stripping will not be painted.  Painting these areas can cause permanent damage to the door as acrylic paints can cause sections to be glued together, or weather stripping to melt or get ripped off. If 2 surfaces touch, neither surface should be painted or the two may become glued together during our next hot summer day.

garage door paint edges sections
window paint

Wood windows will be sprayed closed

Painting inside edges may cause permanent damage, or alter functionality.  Windows will be masked and sprayed closed.  You may see unpainted edges when windows are open.   If 2 surfaces touch, neither surface should be painted or the two may become glued together during our next hot summer day.

Foundation will not be painted.

Unless previously painted, concrete foundation is best left unpainted.

foundation paint

Metal flashing will not be painted

Unless previously painted, metal flashing should be left unpainted.  The factory coating will last a life-time without any further treatment.

Expert Cabinet Painting near Eastside of Seattle

cabinet painters near me

If you’re in the Eastside of Seattle and looking to transform your living space with a touch of elegance, Elegant Painting is your go-to destination. Specializing in cabinet painting, Elegant Painting brings a unique blend of expertise and artistry to homes in Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Kirkland, Bothell, and beyond.

Service Area:

Elegant Painting® proudly serves a diverse range of communities in the Eastside of Seattle, including Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Kirkland, Medina, and Bothell, WA. Their commitment to excellence extends to each of these locales, ensuring that residents can benefit from the highest quality cabinet painting services.

Elegant Painting stands out as a premier choice for cabinet painting, combining skillful craftsmanship with a keen eye for design. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your kitchen or add a touch of sophistication to your living space, their cabinet painting services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

For residents in Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Kirkland, and Bothell, WA, Elegant Painting is your local expert in cabinet painting. Our services are designed to enhance your home while catering to the specific requirements of the Eastside communities.

Read Our Reviews:

Curious about Elegant Painting’s reputation? Check out our glowing reviews on Yelp. Our satisfied customers share their experiences, highlighting our commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Read the reviews here: [Elegant Painting Yelp Reviews](

Elegant Painting’s cabinet painting expertise is showcased on their dedicated web page. Discover the artistry and precision that goes into transforming cabinets into stunning focal points of your home. Visit our cabinet painting page here: [Elegant Painting Cabinet Painting](

Contact Us for a Free Estimate:

Ready to elevate your space with Elegant Painting? Contact us today for a free estimate tailored to your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us here: [Contact Elegant Painting](

CABINET PAINTING 98074 sammamish

Elegant Painting brings a touch of sophistication to homes across the Eastside of Seattle, offering expert cabinet painting services in Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Kirkland, Bothell, and beyond. Explore the transformative power of Elegant Painting’s artistry and craftsmanship – contact us for a free estimate and let us bring elegance to your home.

Spruce Up Your Home with Elegant Painting: The Best Choice for Painting in Redmond, WA

painters near me

In the picturesque towns of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah, Washington, residents take immense pride in their homes. A well-painted house not only enhances curb appeal but also reflects the owner’s taste and style. When it comes to transforming your living space into an elegant masterpiece, look no further than Elegant Painting in Redmond, WA. As a local painting company catering to these vibrant communities, Elegant Painting stands out as a reliable partner for homeowners seeking impeccable interior and exterior painting services.

Discover the  House Painters Near You

Your home is a canvas, waiting to be adorned with colors that resonate with your personality. House painters from Elegant Painting possess the skills and expertise to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re envisioning a modern, minimalist look, a cozy and rustic ambiance, or a vibrant and eclectic feel, these skilled artists can transform your dream into reality.

Painting Contractors Committed to Excellence

Elegant Painting isn’t just another painting company – they’re dedicated painting contractors who understand the unique aesthetics of the Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah areas. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every brushstroke, ensuring that your home stands out in the neighborhood. By utilizing top-quality materials and innovative techniques, Elegant Painting guarantees a finish that’s not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting.

Why Choose Elegant Painting?

  1. Local Expertise: Elegant Painting is deeply rooted in the local communities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah. Their intimate knowledge of the region’s architectural styles, weather patterns, and trends enables them to provide tailored solutions that complement the area’s unique charm.
  2. Impeccable Craftsmanship: With a team of highly skilled and experienced painters, Elegant Painting takes pride in its unmatched craftsmanship. From meticulous surface preparation to flawless execution, their attention to detail ensures that every project exceeds expectations.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: Elegant Painting places customer satisfaction at the heart of its business. They believe in open communication, working closely with homeowners to understand their preferences and goals. This collaborative approach ensures a finished product that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Painting

Before the painting process begins, proper preparation is essential for achieving a flawless and long-lasting finish. Here’s how you can prepare the exterior of your house for painting:

  1. Clean the Surface: Wash the exterior surfaces thoroughly using a mild detergent and water to remove dirt, grime, and mold. A pressure washer can be particularly effective for this step.
  2. Repair Damages: Inspect the surfaces for cracks, holes, or peeling paint. Repair these areas using appropriate filler or putty and sand them down to ensure a smooth surface.
  3. Prime the Surface: Applying a primer helps create a stable base for the paint, enhances adhesion, and improves the overall finish. Make sure to choose a primer suitable for the surface material.
  4. Protect Surrounding Areas: Cover nearby plants, windows, and fixtures with plastic sheets or painter’s tape to prevent accidental splatters.

Painting the Interior of Your House: A Step-by-Step Guide

Painting the interior of your house can be a rewarding DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve professional-looking results:

  1. Gather Supplies: Collect all necessary painting supplies, including paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, painter’s tape, and a ladder.
  2. Prepare the Room: Remove furniture, decorations, and fixtures from the room, or cover them with drop cloths. Clean the walls and repair any imperfections.
  3. Prime the Walls: Apply a coat of primer to create an even base for the paint and improve its adhesion.
  4. Cut-In: Use a brush to carefully paint along the edges, corners, and trim where a roller can’t reach.
  5. Roll the Walls: Use a roller to paint the larger sections of the walls, working in small sections at a time. Apply even pressure for a consistent finish.
  6. Allow to Dry: Let the first coat dry completely before applying a second coat if needed. Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for drying times.

Is Painting Your Own House Exterior a Daunting Task?

Painting your own house exterior can be a substantial undertaking that requires careful planning, physical effort, and specialized skills. While it’s possible to tackle this project yourself, there are several challenges to consider:

  1. Time and Effort: Painting the exterior of a house is time-consuming and physically demanding. Proper preparation, including cleaning, repairing, and priming, can take a significant amount of time.
  2. Skill and Technique: Achieving a smooth and professional-looking finish requires skill and technique, especially when dealing with large surfaces and tricky areas.
  3. Safety Concerns: Working on ladders or scaffolding poses safety risks, especially if you’re not accustomed to such tasks.
  4. Weather Dependency: Exterior painting is highly dependent on weather conditions. Rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can impact the quality of the paint job.

Can You Paint Your Own Exterior? Consider the Benefits of Professional Service

While painting your own exterior is possible, hiring a professional painting contractor offers numerous benefits, particularly in the Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah areas:

  1. Expertise: Professional painters possess the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of the painting process, from surface preparation to selecting the right type of paint for your region’s climate.
  2. Time-Saving: By entrusting the job to experts, you save valuable time and can focus on other priorities.
  3. Quality Assurance: Professional painters deliver a superior finish, ensuring that your home’s exterior looks impeccable and stands the test of time.
  4. Safety First: Professional painters are equipped with the necessary safety gear and have experience working on elevated surfaces, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Elegant Painting: Your Local Partner for Exquisite Home Transformations

For homeowners in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah, Elegant Painting is the premier choice for enhancing the beauty of your living space. With their local expertise, unmatched craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Elegant Painting stands out as the go-to painting contractor. Transform your home into an elegant masterpiece that reflects your unique style and sophistication. Visit Elegant Painting’s website to explore their services and get started on your home transformation journey today.

In thef communities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Sammamish, Woodinville, and Issaquah, Elegant Painting shines as the beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and superior service. As you embark on your journey to refresh and elevate your home’s aesthetics, remember that the expertise of local house painters can make a world of difference. Whether it’s breathing new life into your interior spaces or revitalizing your home’s exterior, Elegant Painting in Redmond, WA, is your trusted partner for achieving stunning, long-lasting results. Let your home reflect the

Cabinet Painters Near Me: Cost, Value, and Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting

kitchen cabinet painter near me

Gauntlet Gray SW7019

When it comes to revitalizing the look of your kitchen, one cost-effective option that has gained immense popularity is cabinet painting. Homeowners on the eastside of Seattle searching for skilled professionals to transform their kitchen cabinets can turn to Elegant Painting for a free estimate. In this article, we will delve into the key questions surrounding cabinet painting: How much does it cost to paint a set of cabinets? Is professional cabinet painting worth it? Is painting cabinets cheaper than replacing them? Is it expensive to paint kitchen cabinets? Let’s explore these topics in detail while shedding light on the benefits of hiring professional cabinet painters.

The Cost of Painting Cabinets

The cost of painting a set of cabinets can vary based on several factors, including the size of your kitchen, the number of cabinets, the type of paint used, and your location. On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $6500 to $25,000 for cabinet painting. However, it’s important to note that these numbers are approximate and can change depending on specific circumstances.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  1. Size of Kitchen: Larger kitchens with more cabinets will naturally cost more to paint.
  2. Type of Paint: Higher quality paints may cost more upfront, but they can provide better durability and a longer-lasting finish.
  3. Cabinet Condition: Cabinets in poor condition may require more preparation work, potentially impacting the overall cost.
  4. Labor Costs: Hiring experienced and skilled cabinet painters will contribute to the final price.
  5. Location: Prices can vary depending on your geographic location and local market rates.

cabinet painters near me

Is Professional Cabinet Painting Worth It?

Opting for professional cabinet painting can yield several benefits that make it well worth the investment. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your kitchen, transforming its appearance without the hassle and expense of a full cabinet replacement. Professional painters bring expertise and precision to the job, ensuring a smooth and even finish that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting:

  1. Quality Results: Professional painters have the skills and tools necessary to achieve a flawless finish that can rival the look of brand-new cabinets.
  2. Cost-Effective: Cabinet painting is generally more budget-friendly than a complete cabinet replacement, saving you money while achieving a stunning transformation.
  3. Time Savings: Professional painters can complete the job efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.
  4. Customization: You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of paint colors, allowing you to match your cabinets to your desired style.
  5. Increased Home Value: A well-executed cabinet painting job can enhance the resale value of your home by improving its visual appeal.

Painting Cabinets vs. Replacing: Which is Cheaper?

When comparing the cost of painting cabinets to the expense of cabinet replacement, painting is undoubtedly the more economical choice. Cabinet replacement involves not only the cost of new cabinets but also additional expenses like demolition, installation, and potential modifications to accommodate the new cabinets. On the other hand, cabinet painting offers a cost-effective alternative that can achieve equally impressive results.

Cabinet Painting Cost vs. Replacement Cost:

  1. Painting Cabinets: As mentioned earlier, cabinet painting can cost between $1,500 and $4,000 on average, making it significantly cheaper than replacement.
  2. Cabinet Replacement: The cost of new cabinets, installation, and associated expenses can easily surpass $10,000 or more.

Is it Expensive to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

While the cost of painting kitchen cabinets may seem significant at first glance, it is important to consider the long-term benefits and savings. The investment in professional cabinet painting provides a high-quality finish that can extend the lifespan of your cabinets and enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Moreover, painting kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective way to update your space without undertaking a full-scale kitchen renovation. The return on investment in terms of improved home value and enhanced visual appeal makes cabinet painting a worthwhile expenditure for many homeowners.

Inviting Homeowners on the Eastside of Seattle

For homeowners residing on the eastside of Seattle, Elegant Painting offers a compelling solution for cabinet painting projects. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Elegant Painting has established itself as a trusted provider of professional cabinet painting services.

If you’re considering painting your kitchen cabinets and are in search of a reliable and skilled team, look no further than Elegant Painting. Visit their website at to learn more about their services and view their portfolio of past projects. Homeowners on the eastside of Seattle can take advantage of a free estimate by reaching out to Elegant Painting at


Cabinet painting presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to refresh the look of their kitchen without breaking the bank. With a range of benefits, including cost-effectiveness, quality results, and customization options, professional cabinet painting proves to be a valuable investment. When compared to the expense of cabinet replacement, painting cabinets emerges as a more budget-friendly alternative that can deliver remarkable transformations.

For homeowners on the east side of Seattle, Elegant Painting offers a chance to experience the advantages of professional cabinet painting firsthand. Reach out to Elegant Painting at for a free estimate and embark on a journey to revitalize your kitchen cabinets, enhancing the beauty and value of your home.


Issaquah, WA painters

issaquah wa painters

A well-painted home not only enhances its curb appeal but also creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for homeowners and guests. If you’re a homeowner in Issaquah, WA, looking for top-notch painting services, your search ends with Elegant Painting. With their commitment to excellence and expertise in delivering exceptional results, Elegant Painting stands out as the go-to choice for transforming your residence into a work of art.

  1. The Significance of Quality Painting

In the picturesque city of Issaquah, WA, where nature’s beauty abounds, preserving the exterior of your home is vital. Quality painting plays a crucial role in protecting your home from the region’s changing weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, a well-maintained and freshly painted home adds value to your property, making it a wise investment.

  1. Meet Elegant Painting

Elegant Painting is a locally owned and operated painting company based in Redmond, WA, proudly serving homeowners in Issaquah and surrounding areas. With a team of skilled and certified professionals, Elegant Painting has built a reputation for delivering top-tier painting services that exceed customer expectations. They understand the unique needs of Issaquah homeowners and can create personalized solutions to match your vision.

  1. Services Offered

Elegant Painting offers a comprehensive range of painting services tailored to cater to the diverse needs of Issaquah, WA residents:

a. Interior Painting: Transform the interiors of your Issaquah home with a fresh and trendy color palette. Elegant Painting’s expert team can create a harmonious and welcoming environment that reflects your personal style.

b. Exterior Painting: Protect your home’s exterior from the elements with durable and high-quality paints. Elegant Painting’s skilled painters ensure a flawless finish that enhances your property’s beauty and withstands the Pacific Northwest’s weather challenges.

c. House Painting: Whether you need a full-house makeover or just a room refresh, Elegant Painting offers comprehensive house painting solutions tailored to your specific needs in Issaquah.

d. Cabinet Painting: Update and rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom with Elegant Painting’s cabinet painting service, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

e. Commercial Painting: If you own a business in Issaquah, WA, Elegant Painting can create a professional and inviting ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

  1. Local SEO for Issaquah Homeowners

As an Issaquah homeowner, you want to work with a painting contractor that understands your neighborhood’s unique style and preferences. Elegant Painting’s expertise in the local community allows them to tailor their services to complement the aesthetics of Issaquah homes. Their knowledge of the city’s architectural styles and regulations ensures a seamless painting process.

Moreover, Elegant Painting’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their Yelp reviews, which reflect the positive experiences of homeowners in Issaquah and surrounding areas. You can trust in their professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding craftsmanship.

When you choose Elegant Painting for your painting project, you’re supporting a local business that actively contributes to the Issaquah community. They take pride in beautifying homes and commercial spaces in the city they call home, ensuring that each project receives the utmost care and attention.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

Numerous satisfied customers in Issaquah, WA, have praised Elegant Painting’s dedication to excellence. Their positive testimonials and reviews attest to the company’s professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Homeowners in Issaquah have witnessed the transformative power of Elegant Painting’s services, making them the preferred choice for all painting needs.


Elegant Painting of Redmond, WA, is your trusted partner in elevating your Issaquah home with quality painting services. As a local expert, Elegant Painting understands the unique needs of Issaquah homeowners and offers personalized solutions to bring your vision to life. With their unmatched expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and high-quality results, they have earned their place as the premier painting contractor for homeowners in Issaquah, WA. Contact Elegant Painting today and take the first step towards transforming your Issaquah home into a welcoming and inviting masterpiece.

Quality Painting in Bothell, WA

bothell painters

As a homeowner in Bothell, WA, you take pride in your property, and maintaining its appearance is essential. If you’re looking for top-notch painting services, consider turning to a trusted local expert – Elegant Painting. With a commitment to excellence and years of experience, Elegant Painting stands out as a premier choice for transforming your Bothell home into a masterpiece.

  1. The Importance of Quality Painting

Living in Bothell, WA, means facing a range of weather conditions throughout the year. Quality painting plays a crucial role in protecting your home’s exterior from rain, humidity, and the occasional sunshine. By investing in top-notch painting services from Elegant Painting, you can safeguard your home from potential damages while boosting its overall curb appeal.

  1. Meet Elegant Painting

Elegant Painting is a locally owned and operated painting company based in Redmond, WA, conveniently serving homeowners . Their team of skilled and certified professionals takes immense pride in delivering superior painting services that exceed the expectations of the Bothell community. With their in-depth knowledge of local architecture and design preferences, Elegant Painting can help you achieve the perfect look for your home.

  1. Services Offered

Elegant Painting offers a comprehensive range of painting services tailored to cater to the diverse needs of, WA homeowners:

a. Interior Painting: Bring life to your Bothell interiors with a fresh and trendy color palette that complements your style and preferences. Elegant Painting can transform any room into a cozy and inviting space, perfect for your family and guests to enjoy.

b. Exterior Painting: Protect your home’s exterior from the Pacific Northwest’s unpredictable weather with durable and weather-resistant paints. Elegant Painting’s skilled team ensures a flawless finish that enhances the charm of your Bothell property.

c. House Painting: Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to refresh your current abode, Elegant Painting offers comprehensive house painting solutions tailored to your specific needs

d. Cabinet Painting: Update your kitchen or bathroom without a full renovation. Elegant Painting’s cabinet painting service can breathe new life into your cabinetry, giving your Bothell home a fresh and modern look.

e. Commercial Painting: If you own a business in Bothell, WA, Elegant Painting can create an ambiance that aligns with your brand and enhances the customer experience.

  1. Why Choose Elegant Painting

There are several reasons why Elegant Painting is the preferred choice for Bothell, WA residents:

a. Local Expertise: As a local business, Elegant Painting understands the unique needs and preferences of Bothell homeowners, ensuring a personalized approach to every project.

b. Reliable Service: Elegant Painting’s team is punctual, efficient, and dedicated to completing projects on time, allowing you to enjoy your newly painted home sooner.

c. High-Quality Materials: They use top-quality paints and materials, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant finish that can withstand Bothell’s changing weather conditions.

d. Customer-Centric Approach: Elegant Painting prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintains open communication throughout the painting process to ensure your vision is brought to life.

e. Community Support: By choosing Elegant Painting, you support a local business that actively contributes to the Bothell community.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

Bothell residents have praised Elegant Painting’s professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding craftsmanship. Satisfied customers in Bothell have left glowing testimonials and reviews, attesting to the exceptional service they received.


If you’re a Bothell, WA homeowner looking to elevate your home’s aesthetics, Elegant Painting is the local painting expert to trust. With their expertise, passion for perfection, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they can turn your Bothell home into a beautiful and lasting masterpiece. Don’t wait to give your home the attention it deserves; contact Elegant Painting today to transform your Bothell property with their top-notch painting services.

Need to dispose of paint in Bothell, WA?


elegant painting contractor

6 Essential Tips for Finding and working with a House Painter

find cabinet painter near

Finding a reliable house painter nearby can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of options available. Whether you need to freshen up your home’s exterior or revamp your interiors, hiring a skilled and trustworthy painting contractor is crucial for a successful project.

  1. Start with Local Research:

Begin your search for a house painter nearby by conducting local research. Use search engines to find painting contractors in your area, including specific keywords like “house painter near me” or “local painting services.” Additionally, explore local business directories and review platforms to gather a list of potential contractors. Look for companies with positive reviews, high ratings, and a strong portfolio of completed projects.

  1. Ask for Recommendations:

Word-of-mouth recommendations are valuable when seeking a reliable house painter nearby. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors who have recently had their homes painted and ask about their experiences with local contractors. Request honest feedback about the quality of work, professionalism, and communication with the painting company.

  1. Check Licensing and Insurance:

Before finalizing any house painter nearby, ensure they are licensed and insured. Click here to verify a contractor in Washington State.  A reputable contractor will have the necessary permits to operate legally, and insurance coverage protects both you and the workers in case of accidents or damages during the project. Request proof of insurance and licensing, and avoid hiring painters who cannot provide these documents.

  1. Review Portfolios and References:

Examine the portfolios of potential painting contractors to gauge their expertise and style. A well-rounded portfolio will showcase a variety of projects, including exterior and interior work. Additionally, ask for references from past clients and contact them to inquire about their experiences. Satisfied customers are a testament to the contractor’s reliability and professionalism.  View our Gallery

  1. Obtain Detailed Quotes and Contracts:

Request detailed quotes from at least three different house painters nearby. The quotes should include a breakdown of costs, the scope of work, paint brands and types to be used, and estimated project timelines.  Remember that even quality brands carry cheap – contractor-grade versions of their paints.  Compare the quotes carefully to make an informed decision. Once you’ve chosen a contractor, ensure all agreed-upon terms are documented in a written contract, including payment schedules, warranties, and project specifics.

  1. Communicate Clearly and Regularly:

Effective communication is crucial when dealing with a house painter nearby. Clearly convey your expectations and preferences for the project, including color choices, finishes, and any specific requirements. A reliable painting contractor will keep you updated on the progress, address any concerns promptly, and maintain open lines of communication throughout the entire process.

Finding and dealing with a house painter nearby can be a rewarding experience with the right approach. By conducting thorough research, seeking recommendations, checking credentials, and communicating effectively, you can find a skilled contractor who will transform your home with a beautiful and professional paint job. Follow these six essential tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful painting project that enhances your home’s aesthetics and value.

elegant painting contractor

Discover the Best Painting Contractor in the Eastside of Seattle: Elegant Painting® of Redmond, WA

best painter contractor 98074

When it comes to giving your home a fresh, vibrant look, finding the right painting contractor is essential. A well-executed paint job not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also protects it from the elements. If you are a homeowner in the beautiful areas of Redmond, Woodinville, Sammamish, Kirkland, or Bellevue, WA, your search for the best painting contractor ends here.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Lead Generation Sites

When searching for a painting contractor, homeowners often turn to lead generation sites that promise to connect them with local service providers. However, caution is advised when relying solely on such platforms.

Lead generation sites often prioritize quantity over quality, flooding you with quotes from various contractors without thoroughly vetting them. As a result, the risk of ending up with inexperienced or unscrupulous painters increases significantly.

The Drawbacks of Franchise Painters

Franchise painting companies may appear appealing due to their widespread presence and brand recognition. However, there are potential drawbacks that homeowners should be aware of.

Franchise painters often utilize subcontractors to carry out their painting projects. While the brand name of a franchise may provide a sense of reliability and consistency, the actual work may be performed by subcontracted individuals or teams. This means that the franchise may not have direct control over the quality and expertise of the subcontractors. As a result, the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail could vary from one project to another. Homeowners may prefer locally-owned and operated painting contractors like Elegant Painting® of Redmond, WA, who employ their own dedicated and skilled team to ensure a consistent and personalized approach to each project.

Franchise painters may lack the personal touch and attention to detail that a locally-owned and operated company like Elegant Painting® offers. Additionally, franchise painters often follow rigid procedures, leaving little room for customization to suit your unique preferences.

Yelp – The Trustworthy Review Platform

In the age of online reviews, homeowners must navigate through countless opinions to find genuine feedback. When it comes to authenticity, Yelp stands out as a reliable platform for customer reviews.

Yelp’s stringent review policies make it difficult for fake reviews to slip through, ensuring that the feedback you read is from real customers who have had first-hand experiences with the contractor.

The Power of Multiple Bids

To ensure you receive the best value for your investment, it’s recommended to gather multiple bids before finalizing a painting contractor. Aim to obtain around 5-7 bids from various companies, including Elegant Painting®, to compare the estimates and services offered.

By receiving multiple bids, you gain insights into pricing variations and the scope of work proposed by each contractor. Remember, the lowest bid isn’t always the best choice, as quality should never be compromised for cost savings.

Quality Contractors Have Waitlists

When searching for a reputable painting contractor like Elegant Painting®, you may discover that they have a waitlist for their services. This is a positive sign of a highly sought-after company known for delivering exceptional results.

On the other hand, be cautious of contractors who appear overly eager to secure your business. Such desperation may indicate a lack of clientele due to subpar work or unreliable services.

primer elegant painting 98075

Elegant Painting®: The Elite Choice for Homeowners

Elegant Painting® has earned its reputation as the elite painting contractor on the eastside of Seattle, serving discerning homeowners in Redmond, Woodinville, Sammamish, Kirkland, and Bellevue. With years of experience and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, they have successfully transformed countless homes into stunning masterpieces.

What sets Elegant Painting® apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence. From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, their attention to detail and personalized approach ensure that every project is tailored to the client’s vision and requirements.

Services That Exceed Expectations

Elegant Painting® specializes in both residential and commercial painting projects, offering a wide range of services, including interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, deck staining, and more. They use only high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to deliver exceptional results that stand the test of time.


Choosing the right painting contractor is a significant decision that can have a lasting impact on your home’s appearance and value. Elegant Painting® of Redmond, WA, stands as the unrivaled choice for homeowners on the eastside of Seattle, offering unparalleled expertise, attention to detail, and personalized service.

Avoid the pitfalls of lead generation sites and franchise painters, and rely on genuine reviews from trusted platforms like Yelp. Remember to gather multiple bids and prioritize quality over the lowest price. Embrace the knowledge that reputable contractors like Elegant Painting® may have waitlists, assuring you of their commitment to excellence.

Take the first step toward transforming your home into a work of art by contacting Elegant Painting® today. Visit their website at to explore their photo gallery and witness the beauty of their craftsmanship firsthand. Experience the art of painting with Elegant Painting®.


elegant painting contractor