Paint bubbles on exterior siding and trim

This is an extension of your estimate document/contract.  Our warranty does not cover bubbles.

Paint bubbles are caused by many factors.  One of  the reasons is moisture vapors trying to exit the substrate and  being blocked by the original layers of paint.    You can confirm this by removing a bubble and looking under.  You may see bare wood or the original layer of paint.  A recent paint-job  may cause even more bubbles since the barrier is thickening while the air is still trying to escape.

Why we do not recommend removing bubbles

Removing a bubble usually results in even more bubbles! The air will push out regardless.

Removing bubbles 1 & 2 has resulted in a new one!

What causes paint to bubble

  1. Humidity from inside the house is escaping through your walls
  2. Original paint was Lead-based
  3. Previous paint was not stopping humidity from penetrating the wood
  4. Flashing/tyvek has failed or does not exist
  5. leaky roof/windows/door

paint bubble siding


There are no easy solution to the exterior paint bubble issue.  The source of the evaporating moisture is nearly impossible to identify. The best thing is to simply leave them alone.  They almost never burst open so the top layer is still intact and still protecting the surface.