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Close wash All exterior walls, trim boards, and outer sides of gutters to remove any crud, dirt, algae, mildew, pollution, spider webs, bees nests, etc. Power rinse windows, eaves, and doors. Once power washing is complete, rinse, using a garden hose, all exterior surfaces including doors, windows, plants, bricks, etc. Apply 30-second house cleaner to any visible mildew .
The power washer will not be directed at the windows but will be held at a 4-6 foot distance to rinse windows, plants, walkways, etc. Drying time is determined based on temperature and humidity. Average drying time in spring/summer is one week. Certain types of spider and bees nests may not be removed by water and will be manually cleaned prior to painting. We may not be able to walk on some roofing materials while the surface is wet; those areas will be manually cleaned before painting. For this portion of the project, we make the assumption that your doors/windows are properly sealed and your home is safe to be washed without water entering the house. After this portion of the project is completed, please check all windows to make sure water has not entered the house. Elegant Painting® cannot be held responsible for a poorly sealed structures that leak (very rare)
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We protect all surfaces that are not being painted. This document is your written guarantee that our workers will not slop paint on any surfaces not being painted.  
  • Windows:  Using 3M window masking film, mask all windows to prevent overspray. 
  • Decks/Railings: Using 3M masking paper, “tight-mask” to prevent overlaps and cover up the entire deck with drop cloths to prevents drips/over-spray.
  • Walkways: Cover up with tarps or drop cloths to prevent paint drips or overspray. 
  • Plants: Cover all plants with painter’s plastic, tarps, or drop cloths.  We might prune some plants if they are touching the house, and we “tie back” others to prevent branches from rubbing against freshly painted surfaces. 
  • Bricks:  Mask using 3M masking paper to protect against overlaps and overspray. 
  • Outdoor patio and BBQ will be moved a safe distance away or covered up and protected in place. 
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Exterior lights, house numbers, and temperature sensors (if any) will be removed and reinstalled after painting.
Doorknobs are usually removed but in some cases reinstallation requires a locksmith.  Door hardware that we feel will require a locksmith to reinstall will not be removed. They will be masked off and painted around. (Example: Baldwin deadbolts)
Exterior lights with screws that are stuck, stripped, or rusted in place will be masked off and painted around.  Exterior lights that have foam installation injected behind them are impossible to remove without causing damage to siding, and will be masked off and painted around.
Items not removed from the house: gutters, downspouts, doors, and some older wood shutters that we feel may not survive the removal process. Utility boxes are also NOT removed.  Read more about which utility boxes will be painted.
Power wash/sand/scrape wood surfaces to remove any loose, peeling, or chipping paint.  Remove any stray nails, hooks, and staples that are not in use.  Hammer down nails/any loose/warped siding.  
Special attention will be paid to ends of verge boards, south side of the house, and garage doors.  In the case of extreme peeling/chipping, power grinders will be used to remove loose paint and restore surfaces to original condition as much as possible.  Please note:  Power grinders are used only in case of extreme peeling/chipping paint (a house that has not been painted in many years or previously painted with low-quality paint may have large amounts of chipping/peeling paint, hence the need for power grinders).  Power grinders may remove the natural roughness of cedar siding.  Read more on our professional preparation service. 
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Spot-prime (brush/roll/or spray and back-roll) one coat of either Sherwin Williams® Exterior oil-based oil primer, or SMART PRIME® by Zinsser® to any bare spots/Cedar stains.  Our primers penetrate bare spots, seals the wood, and prevent tanning/bleeding through. 
Allow a minimum of one hour for fast drying primer to cure.  Also Prime rusty pipes or any previously painted metal hardware.  Manufacturer specification
What is NOT primed: 
  • Areas where previous coats of paint are not peeling/chipping.  The entire exterior will NOT be primed unless your home has never been painted.   Read more: What is spot-prime
  • No primer before using any type of penetrating stain. 
Woodinville, WA
“Sherwin Williams® PowerHouse™” is the ideal product for any exterior surface. This product is a one component acrylic urethane sealant and it meets the requirements of ASTM C-920 We will seal all previously caulked gaps, cracks, nail holes, and trim/siding joints. 
Hardie-Plank or Fiber-Cement siding:  
All butt joints will be caulked only if previously caulked <Example>.   
Read more: what should and should never be caulked.
Your price includes all needed materials to complete the project. “Apply  2 coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint® flat or satin sheen (100% Acrylic) to the body of the house, Siding, Eaves, etc. (foundation will not be painted).  Allow sufficient time between coats (determined based on temperature and humidity). SW SuperPaint is a dirt and mildew resistant professional-quality exterior coating ideal for exterior surfaces for which durability is critical.  Manufacturer specifications. 
Optional paint upgrade: Sherwin Williams® Emerald® flat or satin sheen Highest quality Sherwin Williams® paint  Self-priming (paint & primer in one).  Low-temperature paint perfect for the Northwest.  Backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty and available in flat, Satin, and gloss sheen. Manufacturer specifications.

Do you need the paint upgrade? 

Eaves (soffits) will be painted the same color as siding. See an example

 Edges: Click here to see how we paint exterior edges.  

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Follow preparation, primer, and caulking instructions above, and apply (Brush and roll) 2 coats of Sherwin Williams® Emerald®  Exterior Satin paint (100% Acrylic & self-priming) to window trim, gutters verge boards, facia boards, and belly bands (if any).  Allow sufficient time between coats (determined based on temperature and humidity).  The self-priming Emerald® exterior is the most adhesive and durable exterior paint available today! 

Woodinville, WA