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Surface Preparation


Surface Preparation

We removed about 1/16″ from the siding on the south-side to make sure our oil based primer can bond with the substrate, and not simply sit on top of the previous coating.


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Primer application

Since this home was previously treated with a semi-transparent stained, and never painted, we coated the entire exterior with oil based primer (Zinsser – Cover Stain).


Application method: spray and back-roll to ensure maximum adhesion.

Back-rolling also pushes any trapped air out of the texture and replaces it with primer.

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The clear difference: Back-rolling fills all the texture that would otherwise trap moisture on humid days, and cause the premature failure of the coating. ELEGANT PAINTING® back-rolls all exterior siding to ensure maximum adhesion and surface preservation.

Fine tuning before the final coats

Before we began applying the final coatings, we went through every square inch of the exterior looking for any flaws, including; cracks, gaps, holes, or any other imperfections.

Caulking fills areas where moisture would otherwise penetrate.

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Project duration: 4 consecutive business days.


Summary:  This home was primed; oil based primer was sprayed and back-rolled to force adhesion.

Both coats of Benjamin Moore paint were sprayed and backrolled to force a strong bond with the oil based primer.

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