Precision Guarantee – Exterior



This page is intended to be a supplement to your estimate document

As part of our exterior painting quote, we guarantee  that the following items will be masked, covered up, and protected from any paint drips, splatters, and over-spray.


Large Plants

We love plants.  We spend the entire spring & summer around them and do everything we can to protect them from paint.  There are situations where a plant might need to be pruned to allow us access to the surface behind it, but usually we have multiple methods to cover-up and pull plants away from the surface, with minimum disturbance to the plant.  Once paint is dry, we simply release the plant to it’s original position.

covering plants over spray


how to paint behind shrubs

Using drop cloths to keep the branches from touching the siding, while paint dries. This plant is partially covered until the crew is painting around it, at which time it is fully covered and protected.



Small plants

we use our plant protectors to keep paint off of smaller plants, and also protect them from being stepped on.

covering plants paint overspray



Roofing material  will be protected using masking machines and 3m masking paper.  Areas close to the siding, the roofing material will be masked precisely, while the drop cloths cover the rest as needed.  We paint roof flashing only when it has already been painted(mistakenly) by previous painters.

paint on roof


brushing cedar stain




Decks, porches, railings, etc.  will be protected using masking machines and 3m masking paper.  Body of the deck will be covered up to prevent paint drops, overspray, splatters, etc.

masking cedar deck railings


Exterior Lights

Patio lights will be removed and re-installed.  Flood lights (which require an electrician to reinstall) will be masked off and protected.

removing exterior lights




Weather stripping

Removable weather stripping will be taken off and reinstall.  Other weather stripping (i.e. bottom of garage doors) will be masked off and protected



All windows will be masked precisely.  Once masking is removed, all windows will be closely inspected to ensure perfect lines and  flawless edges.

masking windows

painting garage door windows



Fences  will be protected using masking machines and 3m masking paper.  The area touching the house will be masked precisely, while the body of the fence will be covered with drop cloths or tarps. overspray, splatters, etc.

masking fences stain

spraying fence stain

Refinishing one side of the fence while Keeping overspray from going through.



Gas & electricity meters

We follow directions from utility companies, and cover-up the readers as needed.

masking windows

woodinville painting contractor

Water Spicket

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.09.18 PM

We paint spickets that are previously painted.


colors that go with house bricks


overspray on bricks

Power outlet, garage door keypad, & doorbell

contractors around kirkland


masking outdoor lights


elegant painting redmond

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